/Lately: End of Summertime!

Lately: End of Summertime!

Here are our adventures and meals from the last few weeks of the sweet, sweet summertime 🙂 

^^ Visit to a giant turtle at the park!

It’s the first day of school!

Anyone else humming this song???! 

The boys had such a great summer of camps. Mazen rotated through three different outdoors-y camps and loved fishing camp most of all. The boy loves to fish! He also made a hatchet at Living Skills camp and spent many days floating around a swimming hole in the middle of the countryside. 

New classrooms

Birch is back at his regular school this morning and adjusting to a new classroom. The transition was SO much easier this year, especially because he had the same teacher at his camp this summer and knows some of the other kids in the class. However he still cries when I drop him off, and the first day was extra hard! When I picked him up he was happy as can be in a sandbox 🙂 

We wear the mask (know that poem?)

Both of my boys will be wearing masks to school for the foreseeable future, and I’m totally cool with that. They are both used to wearing them and never complain. I am crossing my fingers they are both vaccine-eligible this fall, and am planning to have them both get it as soon as they can. Then maybe, for the first time in almost two years, we can let out a breath of relief. 

Dog Days of Summer

Other favorite adventures recently: visiting the equipment outside of camp…

…and studying cicadas!! I’m afraid that this guy didn’t make it. We also read books at the library about spiders and stink bugs!

Meals Lately


Summer smoothie!

This is the Mango + Greens smoothie by Daily Harvest that tastes like fresh cucumber! They have a new promo, BTW, that is a ‘buy more save more’ up to $40 off: $25 off 9 items, $30 off 14 items, or $40 off 24 items.

French toast with summer melon and blueberries

And pancakes with peaches and blueberries!

Summer Yogurt + Granola Bowl


Turkey Sandwich, Peach + Red Hot Blues!

Actual Burgers

Actual Burgers sent me some samples, and these VERY veggie burgers are great!! The browned edges are actually cheese that I added and I loved the extra crispiness! I really loved the green burger and the kale, broccoli, and spinach inside tasted as if it were fresh. 

I tried the black bean variety next, and it was awesome as well! Topped with cheese and ketchup with sautéed zucchini on the side. 

“Egg Salad”

AKA a big salad with eggs on top! Plus those yummy parmesan crisps from Trader Joe’s.

Bodos Bagel Sandwich

Plus we added a tomato from our garden! 


Blue Apron continues to rock our menu. There is so much variety week to week. 

Blue Apron Salmon and Rice Bowls

Chicken in a Creamy Cilantro Sauce with Rice

Greek Feta Burgers

Yum, yum!

Grilled Pork Chops

with a fabulous aioli and a grilled zucchini and bean salad. This was SO good!

Shawarma-Spiced Vegetable & Couscous Bowls

Part of the Blue Apron Wellness Meals (I’m doing a full feature on these next week!). Look at that perfect soft-boiled egg. Birch was into it!

Pizza Night by the Pool

Takeout from Mellow Mushroom!

Ready for a new classroom and new challenges…

Back-to-school recap is in the works!

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