/Chewy Review: Gus’s Favorite Things!

Chewy Review: Gus’s Favorite Things!

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Have you heard of the site Chewy? It’s a one-stop-online-shop for everything your pets need. Here’s my Chewy review and all of Gus’s favorite things! This post is sponsored by Chewy. 

lab sniffing Chewy box on doorstep

What IS Chewy?

My sister recently admitted she thought Chewy.com was for granola bars 😆 

Nope, it’s a huge pet supplies online store that sells everything for dogs and cats and less common pets like farm animals, reptiles (no, Mazen, we’re not getting a snake), and even horses. There’s an accredited pharmacy and their Autoship allows you to save on recurring pet purchases (like dog food and cat litter but also toys and treats). I was impressed to learn they regularly give back to animal shelters and pet rescues.

True Story: I ended a car trip with dog food on my lap

When we came home from Oak Island in June our house sitter let us know she had used the very last cup of food for Gus. We were rolling in with two cranky kids and a car packed with luggage and Thomas said we had to stop at the store for dog food right then. 

He pulled into the pet supplies store and came out with a giant bag of food. Our car was so full of beach gear that he plopped right into my lap for the last leg of our journey home. It was heavy and hot on a 95 degree summer day! I joked: Maybe we should set up a regular order so this never happens again? I loved having Birch’s diapers on auto ship (which I recently ended now that he uses the potty!).

The very next week Chewy reached out to me to see if I wanted to write a review post about the site. This happens to me a lot – there is a need and the universe knows! We have now signed up to Autoship our dog food through Chewy. AKA Blue Apron for Gus :mrgreen: 

senior dog food from chewy

What We Bought Gus from Chewy

I bought our usual dog supplies plus a few treats! The order came super fast – 3 days I think? My only complaint was that the order was split into two boxes.

Chewy review favorites we ordered

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dog Food For Seniors

Sorry Gus, but you’re 56 in dog years! You get the senior food now. 

Blue Wilderness Trail Treats

These sound good enough for ME to eat:

  • Real salmon is the first ingredient.
  • Crunchy texture keeps teeth healthy and clean.
  • Fortified with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids plus antioxidants.

Ha! Mazen and Birch love to toss Gus a treat, especially when we have visitors to the house. 

dog treat from Chewy with mom holdingDog eating treat from Chewy

Mobility Bites

Soft chews for hips + joints. You might recall that Gus had two knee surgeries in the last year. He needs all the joint help he can get. 


Gus gets one almost every night for his evening relax sesh. He plays with it and eats it! 

Lab eating raw hide in mouth from ChewyLab playing with raw hide

Poop Bags + Container

We are always running out, so these would be a great product for Autoship! I usually just stuff one in my pocket, but in the summer I don’t always have pockets, so the container was a good add on. 

FURminator DeShedding Shampoo

This is a new product that we stumbled upon while shopping. Gus is THE sheddingist dog in America, so I will report back if it reduces the fur on the floor just a smidge. 

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

What kind of parents would we be if we didn’t include a toy?! Gus LOVES furry toys, but within 10 minutes there will be cotton fluff all over the house. These are fluff-free. He loves them! 

Gus eating his squirrel toy from ChewyGus with a pelty toy from Chewy

Two dog accessories we already owned but I recommend:


IYKYK. See comment above about shedding! Gus gets brushed on the weekends with ours and the birds are very happy with all the nest building materials that comes off!

The Gentle Leader

This was a GAME CHANGER for walking Gus, who loves to pull. No amount of treats would stop him on walks with me (he does anything Thomas says) but the gentle leader finally has him walking with me without pulling. 

chewy.com favorites graphic

As a thank you, Chewy sent me this beautiful portrait of Gus!! 

What a treasure <3

portrait of gus the dog from Chewy

What are your pet’s must-have favorites?

dog eating raw hide close up from Chewy

Thanks to Chewy for sponsoring this post

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