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Spot The Bunny

There’s actually not a bunny in the photo, but spotting the family of bunnies who live behind our house is a new daily task! 

This adventure has actually be super convenient for me in the mornings trying to get the boys out the door for their respective camps.

Anyone who has ever been in the presence of a toddler knows how challenging it can be to get shoes, hats, sunscreen, etc. all on before heading out the door. But when there is the potential for a bunny sighting, both the toddler and the almost-9-year old seem to have no trouble getting themselves together without any help 😆

I put their backpacks and lunches by the steps and we go from yard right into the car to be on our way!

Sometimes if we have extra time we take a stroll around the block too!

Spot The Dog!

Mazen has taken up walking Gus as a new skill and I couldn’t be more thrilled for all the reasons <3

Looks just like his dad visiting a job site here:

The Bagel Extravaganza Continues

The ultimate no-cook (just toast!) summer breakfast (or lunch!) 

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Lunch Salads Are Back

I’ve been filling up on Hugh Jass salads for lunch again! After stocking up on Trader Joe’s salad toppers they’ve been so good. 

But nobody does salad like Chopt!!

Treated myself to a bowl when I was running an errand in the area. 

Summer Sammie

We picked up some Great Harvest bread so naturally I had to make a sandwich for lunch.

Blue Apron Dinners

The Blue Apron partnership I’ve done this year has been truly life changing for our dinner routines. We were in a real rut when it started struggling between repetitive menus and lack of motivation to take the time to sit down and write long shopping lists to plan more creative recipes. Moreover, Thomas and I could never seem to agree on recipe styles, and it’s remarkable that we both equally enjoy Blue Apron‘s recipes. Blue Apron has solved many of our dinner problems! What I once thought was a date night treat has turned into a weekly “lean in” staple. 

Showcase of Meals >>>

Hoisin Pork & Mushroom Rice Bowls

Night 2 Leftovers

Grilled Chicken Tacos with Tomato Salsa

Sweet and Spicy Chicken with peppers and rice

Mango Curry Tilapia over rice with peppers and peas

Grilled Steaks with Pepper Panzanella with chile butter

Lemon and Garlic Butter Chicken with capers, broc and mashed potatoes

See you at the pool!

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