/River Run + Lil Chef

River Run + Lil Chef

Here’s a bit of what’s new from our corner of the world, including a river romp, Lil Chef PJs, swim sessions, and date nights. 

^^ That’s about as deep as I go in 😆 

River Romp

One of our recent adventures took us to the Rivanna River for a little romping around. Birch and I didn’t get much more than our legs wet, but Mazen, Mazen’s friend, and Thomas swam over to the deep part and did some fish gazing. 

Appy Hour

When there was a nice break in our heat wave, I hosted happy hour on our back porch for the first time!!!!!!! We’ve kept our social distance on the patio for so long that it was great to have friends enjoy the cozy porch!

We had Spicy Fiesta Dip using the Tastefully Simple Fiesta Party Seasoning. I just mixed 1.5 Tbsp of the spice with Greek yogurt (3/4 cup) and mayo (1/4 cup) and it was ready in 1 minute! Super easy and a crowd pleaser. Get 10% off of any Tastefullysimple.com order with the code KE10TS. 

Plus homemade pimento cheese (I am re-doing the old KERF recipe).

And these birthday cake tins from Caked Up Cville to celebrate the June birthday girls!!!! OMG the “moonrocks” topping was out of this world good. 

While I was entertaining my friends, T-daddy took the boys out to dinner! They went to Citizen Burger and then had ice cream. Birch drank so much lemonade they had to stop by a tree on the way home 😆 

Lil’ Chef PJs! 

Sponsored by Gerber Childrenswear

Birch is modeling his new Lil’ Chef PJs!

Bubble machine linked here

Gerber Childrenswear sent me two sets of PJs from its Lil’ Chef Collection. These would make such a great gift for a foodie parent or a kid who likes to cook!! 

We think the avocado set guacs-our-world, but there’s also a brunch set – wake up and smell the bacon! You’ll also find Sweet Treats and Fruit jammies and Taco onesies!

Birch would not take them off, so he went to work in them!

Next step: capture a video of Birch doing the Avocado Dance while dressed head-to-toe avocado! (I dare you to listen to the song – it will be in your head for months!) 

Recent Meals

Kodiak Cakes with breakfast sausage and blueberries

Bagel time!

Greek salad

I made this using an old KERF recipe – also getting a makeover – and ate it literally every day for lunch last week!

with sweet potatoes

with a bunch of leftovers mixed on top

Little Veg Sammie

I used some leftover Fiesta Dip spread on whole-grain bread with peppers and greens for a light vegetarian sandwich. Plus chips!

Simple Salmon Dinner

We used the Bayou Bourbon Glaze baked over salmon with broc, rice, and a lemon-yogurt sauce on top.

Shrimp Dinner 

A Blue Apron dish with purple cabbage, beans, rice, and a bean paste and soy glaze sauce. 

Date Night to Petit Pois

We had a soccer game get rained out and Nona was with the boys, so we detoured to a date night instead!

Red wine, kale salad, and crab cake over creamed corn!

Tilapia with Za’atar, Couscous and Veggies

another Blue Apron hit!

Steaks with Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges, Zucchini, and Red Cabbage Slaw

The slaw had Tessamae’s Green Goddess dressing on it – I really liked it! 

Sushi Night In

This meal dates back to Father’s Day!! Thomas’s request! Now and Zen is our current favorite local sushi spot. Birch even ate the edamame! 

New Hair!

I went from yellow highlights to blonde balayage! 

Stay cool!

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