/Oak Island Beach Trip – Part II

Oak Island Beach Trip – Part II

Here’s the second half of our Oak Island beach trip recap! 

Oak Island Beach Trip: Parents’ Night Out

I left off with our couples date night out! Mom and dad watched all four kiddos (we bathed and fed them first) while we walked down the beach to Koko Cabana.

Pier Beers

There was a bit of a wait for our table, so we picked up some beers at the pier house and walked the pier (say that 3x fast!).

The food

We had a few rounds of drinks and shared tuna nachos (delish!) to start. 

I had an island bowl with local grilled fish for my dinner – loved all the different flavors. 

Game Night

We bought the game Splendor after playing it with Hillary and Ellen not too long ago. It was a hit at the beach! Matt and I each won 2 games and he beat me in the tie breaker at the final hour. It’s a really fun strategy game! 


Not photographed: a little ice cream with smashed Oreos each night while we played! We had a second cake too!

Oak Island fun in the sun

New Friends

Mazen made a good friend, and they spent 99% of their beach time together.

His friend’s dad had fishing gear, and Mazen caught a tiny shark!!

Morning Snuggles

Yogurt bowls

And Cheerios!

Happy Hour on the Beach

My sister brought this from Trader Joe’s and I was a big fan!

Low Country Boil

Per ushe, we had our Low Country Boil! I am always in charge of this meal. 

The Lazy Turtle

We ventured down the beach again, this time to The Lazy Turtle, another nearby oceanfront restaurant. 

I had a salad and flounder with fries. 

Group Bedtime with Grammie!

We don’t know yet if we’ll go back to Oak Island next year or return to BHI, but we love both places for different reasons.

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